Localizing your keywords to increase traffic to your shop

Keywords can be defined as the specific terms used by a person to search for something on the internet.

You’ve heard how using specific keywords can help your SEO ranking, but if the person that is searching for you has no way of acquiring your services it doesn’t help your business very much. Localizing your keywords will mean your website, or business, ranks higher in the searches that really matter to you; the ones that will bring in more business. Unless you are a national brand or business, or offer national shipping of your products, you will certainly benefit from localizing your keywords.

There’s a difference between using keywords and using localized keywords.

Localizing your keywords, or adding your area of service can help search engines include you in localized searches.

Also, if the consumer is searching on a phone or is logged into their email account their local information could be pulled.  Search Engines use all this to return results and having localized keywords highlighted will make sure your website is included.  It can be awkward to include the localized text. So be sure to take the time to use these key phrases  in a way that someone would likely type the phrase into a search engine.

Also, keep in mind the alternative regional descriptions people might be searching for and include those in your keywords.  For example, keywords for your city, might include your county, state, or other description. You also want to add variations of the localized term; so if you’re working “Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale” as your keyword, people might also be searching “Florida Auto Glass”.

None of this matters unless your site is being indexed by the search engines, so before you spend 40 hours rewriting your content to highlight these localized keywords, be sure that you have built a good foundation for your SEO efforts.

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