About Us

   The Next Web Solutions Inc. was founded on principles like

Integrity | Dedication | Simplicity | Commitment | Responsibility

We believe that hard work and communication are the keys to success for any business. We practice these principles while conducting our affairs at our place of work and at home with our families. We act on our beliefs by working harder for our clients and communicating with them through the entire process of completing their projects.

We are grateful for the opportunity to perform a service that not only adds value to our client’s organization but also allows us to be creative and energetic. What we do is real simple - What we love to do!

The folks here at NextWeb know that serving our community
as a business that provides services for a fee is a privilege.


With that privilege comes some responsibility.

We believe it is our responsibility to insure that our clients are more than satisfied.
Our clients should feel like they received more than they payed for.
Our clients should feel like they were treated with respect through the entire process.
Our clients should be recommending  us to their best friends… brothers and sisters… moms and dads.
Our clients often invite us over for dinner, or on a ride in their boat, or ask us to be the best man at their wedding. (DISCLOSURE: The best man thing fell through – not my fault) 
We believe it is our responsibility to give back to our community.
Our community should feel like they would miss us if we moved to The City (that would be New York).
Our community should feel like they can look to us for leadership when something needs to be changed.
Our community should feel like they can rely on us for financial support when there are needs that are not being met.
Our community should feel like they can count on us when something needs to get done like walking a mile in high heels for the local women’s shelter. (Our CIO does this because he thinks he looks hot in heels)
That is why we keep it simple. That is why we participate in our community. That is why we give back to our community. Because we love our community.